Artist complete list

Antonino Amato

Antonio Amato's drawings reveal the reality and emotion, which are the foundation of existence. On paper he brings out personal memories that become part of the memory of the viewer.

rossella barbante

Rossella Barbarante uses painting to depict interior landscapes. These imaginary places are an halfway meeting point between the inner and the external world, becoming a built territory which starts from her personal memory.

Gennaro Barci

Gennaro Barci’s artworks are simultaneously sculptures and paintings. The creation process starts with painting on a support of transparent methacrylate; then it goes on to modeling and sculpting to create the expressive form.

Rebecca Bergonzi

Rebecca Bergonzi immortalizes reality through her camera. Her photos portray the world in a creative and, at times, fantastic way, to convey different emotions to each viewer.

Antimo Bertolino

Antimo Bertolino focuses his artistic practice on the know-how traditional motives. Like traditional artisans did in the past, the artist works with wooden and metallic bases, exploited the artistic potential of the materials.

Laura Bignamini

The works of Laura Bignamini assume an introspective look, always investigated through different sculptural materials, such as resin and cement, or plaster and wax. The artist expresses a sense of interiority that changes according to the environment, making it the mirror of subjective experiences.

Marcelina Braga

Marcellina Braga explores and represents the world using different artistic techniques. Her research focuses on identity, migration and social issues and, consequently, investigates the relationship between virtual identity, memory and place of belonging.

Sabrina Casiroli

La ricerca artistica di Sabrina Casiroli, si basa sulla composizione di immagi sviluppate a differenti livelli dove i soggetti principali sono donne. Utilizza diverse tecniche per comporre le sue opere spaziando dall’analogico alla grafica digitale.

Mariacristina Cavagnoli

Nelle sue opere monocrome, eseguite completamente a matita, Mariacristina trova la strada che le consente di aprire gli sfondi, attuando possibili realtà. La sua ricerca è incentrata sull’uomo e il suo esistere. “Volevo creare un mondo, il mio mondo”.

Damiano Clemente

Damiano Clemente uses painting and drawing to evoke classical beauty, brought into the contemporary context. With a few lines, strong colours and his essential style, the artist is able to give life to the bold and austeric gaze.

Chantal Criniti

The artworks of Chantal Criniti reveal the passage of time and the construction of memories. Employing the polyptich technique, the artist presents subjects that lose their consistency: essential shapes and colours of choice create muted images, frozen in time.

Virginia Dal Magro

Virginia Dal Magro’s graphic artworks focus on memory and its implication. As time goes on, memories become weaker and start to disappear, leaving nothing behind but a feeling.

giovanni dal sasso

Giovanni Dal Sasso works halfway between craftsmanship and art. With his intervention, he eliminates the natural function of the object, giving back to the observer a new shape that combines the mystery of the artwork and the pragmatism of the design.

Francesca Adriana D'Anza

Francesca Adriana D’anza uses painting with different materials, one opposite to the other. Her palette is taken directly from Cilento’s blue of the sea, in its multiple shades where it’s possible to lose ones' self, searching for and finding it all.

Niccolò Franceschini

Niccolò Franceschini moves through design, video and graphic. Mainly the artist uses collage, thought at the same time as medium and bridge between different categories: digital and analog, present and past, simple and complex. These contrasts act as a starting point for a reflection on contemporary culture.

Riccardo Gatti

As an interstellar traveler who comes back from a journey, Riccardo Gatti’s artworks let the spectator explore new worlds. Creating wonder and surprise, the artist plays with materials, transforming it into its opposite.

diego giannettoni

Diego Giannettoni shifts between the fields of performance, installations, visual arts, composing and writing in his attempt to portray the mankind and its existance in a constantly changing world. The events of everyday life open up like gates to a better understanding of the relationship between man, technology and nature.

Golsa Golchini

Golsa Golchini began her artistic careeer as photographer, but later moved on to blend it with painting. The purpose is to portray the invisible behind the visible, through details that allow the spectator to get in contact with his/her soul.

Enrico Ingenito

Le mie sono immagini di un attimo, impressioni che riaffiorano dalle profondità dell’intimo e si imprimono delicatamente sulla tela.
L'opera è la testimonianza di un vissuto che dal profondo torna a galla per lasciare la sua traccia sulla sulla tela

Giulia Lazzaron

Giulia Lazzaron integra la ricerca grafica a quella “foto-grafica”. Affascinata dal mondo naturale e animale, interpreta l'ambiente attraverso un immaginario che è sia intimo che collettivo. Nelle sue opere convivono diverse specie animali, in molti casi

Marta Longa

Marta Longa’s sculptures reflect on the impossibility to answer to the most important questions of our human existence. The artist studies the mankind and our ephemeral nature through metaphors, paradoxes and references to philosophy and sociology.

tiziana lutteri

Tiziana Lutteri employs engraving as a sort of chemical reaction, an alchemical process in which different elements melt together to create something new. Due to her ritualistic essence, the artist creates a structure where colour pieces could get tangled in, giving birth to unexpected new life forms.

Pietro Mancini

Tramite tecnologie digitali ed elementi materici, presenta la sua individuale invasione del "segno" nella fotografia e della luce nella materia, creando connessioni sensoriali, per condurci verso altre dimensioni comuni all'essere umano.

Valeria Manfredda

Valeria Manfredda’s sculptures are made with materials and techniques related to her philosophical, psychological and scientific suggestion. The purpose is discovering the logic that is at the basis of the things, understanding how much everything is connected, as it were a big canvas.