Our Story

As art enthusiasts, coming from a financial and consulting background, when attempting to acquire art, we were faced with a rather elitist and opaque market. We realised how limited access is to market outsiders without the tools and information, and therefore decided to create an innovative omnichannel platform to eliminate all these barriers. We believe in trasparency, so we created Mon Share Art, giving the chance to art lovers to acquire exclusive artworks in a few easy steps.


Mon Share Art aims to provide the necessary tools for investors, art lovers and collectors to facilitate the rental and acquisition of art, while also offering a secure platform to maximise investments.


We aim to offer a carefully curated, ever-growing selection of art, available both on and offline at MSA Display Spots, and to give artists more opportunities and exposure. MSA further prioritises catering to its collectors and corporate clients, creating a more transparent process and a more approachable market.

The founders

Massimiliano Candini
Francesco Rubinacci

Easy access to contemporary art in exciting way


Easy online transactions in few steps


Convenient formula and packages: rent / rent to buy with total deduction of the rent from the published sale price


Auctions (coming soon)

Online gallery and display in real settings


MonShareArt display spots



Transparent and real time updated quotations


Algorithms based on performances and real feedback from enrolled users on MSA website


Easy tool for buyers/art collectors to monitor in real time appreciation of the purchased artworks

Great tool and opportunity to sell or resell your artworks at secondary market

International network


MSA branches, partners, display spots

The works will soon also be accessible in the MonShareArt exhibition spaces dedicated to the project.


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