Turner, Constable o l'amore  - Painting - Chantal Criniti
Turner, Constable o l'amore, 2016, oil on canvas, 24 x 72 cm.
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Chantal Criniti

Turner, Constable o l'amore

 /  72 x 24 cm
Painting /

Technique: Oil on canvas


Image Turner looking worried to Constable while this one is putting the finishing touches with red paint on his “The opening of the Waterloo Bridge”. Near the rival’s canvas, his “Helvoetsluys” seems flat and boring. Thus Turner leaves quickly the room, coming back few minutes later to paint the last red brushstroke on the grey sea. Everything changes and modify, and also love does the same: it can represent a red buoy in a grey landscape, always the same.

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