Modern love - Painting - ELIEL DAVID
Modern love, oil and wax on canvas, 120 x 90 cm, 2019.
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Modern love

 /  90 x 120 cm
Painting /

Technique: Oil and wax on canvas


The artwork is presented as a playful and ironic reworking of the danger symbol for flammable materials. The artist paints the canvas with a primer in delicate tones with the addition of pigment to the glue. A grey shade transpires from the glazes and the colors react with it enriching their value in a homogeneous way. Orange, blue and turquoise constantly dialogue with each other. Above these, appears a denser thickness, of fluid and semitransparent white that generates a defined contrast.

asbtrac astrazione Young artist mexican artist cold colours colori freddi accademia fluid fluido constrast constrasto

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