Sacronauta ( al-lumini) - New Media - Pietro Mancini
Sacred Astronaut. perforated and backlit aluminum, abrasion on the surface, printing on polycarbonate 70x120x5 cm
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Pietro Mancini

Sacronauta ( al-lumini)

 /  70 x 120 x 5 cm
New Media /

Technique: perforated and backlit aluminum, surface abrasion, printing on polycarbonate


Mancini has defined AL-LUMINI this series of works, that is, photos on plexiglass retro-lit mounted on perforated aluminum containers. He draws with light spacesuits of variable forms that refer to the iconography of sacred art. He reproduces logos, lilies, crosses, foliage and mandalas by piercing the aluminum surface of the containers all around the photograph. The Sacred Astronauts play a task through which cosmic energy can still navigate on common waves.

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