Untitled #3 (digital collages' serie 5/10) - New Media - diego giannettoni
stampa opaca su carta cotone con cornice, 60 x 90 cm, stampa scritta su carta con cornice 18 x 24 cm, 2019 © diego giannettoni
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diego giannettoni

Untitled #3 (digital collages' serie 5/10)

 /  90 x 60 cm
New Media /

Technique: Photographic collage printed on paper


Each image is open source, finded online and composed in a series of 10 digital collage. Every artwork portrays transports in urban contexts escaped from people and animals - in which, in each print, at least one is a threatened species. It creates a visual contrast between black and white and between objects and beings that come from different worlds. Each print has one or more sentence related to the context that links the image to an opener reflection.

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