Metromorfosi I - Painting - Fabio Giampietro
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Fabio Giampietro
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Metromorfosi I

 /  100 x 170 cm
Painting /

Technique: Subtractive technique oil on canvas


The artist famous for his cityscapes and surrealist urban skylines is presenting the new series Metamorphosis. This work is an optical illusion created by the overarching skyscrapers and buildings, the gap in between which, is creating the silhouette of a human figure. Opposite to the sense of smallness suggested by the tall metal and cement structures hanging over the viewpoint, the man in this composition is the biggest and most prominent visual element.

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Miami: upon appointment
1401 Brickell Ave, Suite 550
Miami, FL 33131
United States
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Phone +17866225152

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