#20 - Photography - Nata Toja
# 20 Mixed technique on silver salts printing, satinated polythene paper, 30 x 40, 2017.
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Nata Toja


 /  30 x 40 cm
Photography /

Technique: Mixed technique on silver salts print, satin polythene paper


I fly, wet by who eternally floats. Up, down and then in flight again. There is no reason making me reason. The rest is a memory pushed away by the fin. If nothing else, at least the liquid… Mostly salted, with no strong sweet tastes: unforgettable. Going back through the flow didn’t lead us in precise abysses, the double of stress have been needed, and lot of lost scales. Now those abysses, unknown at that time, seems to be pleasant.

fotoanalogica fineart fotografiasubacquea fotopittura sirene mare blu immersioni

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